At The London International Horse Show Conditions
Dallco Chance

1. Dallco Chance

Casallco x Landfriese II

°2015 Gelding

Calixte Heartbreaker Z

2. Calixte Heartbreaker Z

Cicero Z van Paemel x Heartbreaker

°2016 Mare

Geniale Star Kervec

3. Geniale Star Kervec

Quick Star x Diamant de Semilly

°2016 Mare

Ballyshan B F Super Hero

4. Ballyshan B F Super Hero

Celtic Hero BZ x Lux Z

°2018 Gelding

Billy Be Boss

5. Billy Be Boss

Billy Congo x Kannan

°2016 Gelding

Quenby PS

6. Quenby PS

Quantos x Centadel

°2017 Mare

Billy Etna

7. Billy Etna

Billy Congo x Cevin Z

°2015 Mare


8. Charmeur

Comme Il Faut x Albatros 86

°2016 Gelding

Billy Hound Dog

9. Billy Hound Dog

Cicero Z van Paemel x Billy Congo

°2017 Gelding

Billy Fu

10. Billy Fu

Billy Congo x Luidam

°2016 Gelding

Chapetula Blue PS

11. Chapetula Blue PS

Chacoon Blue x Grandilot

°2017 Mare

Billy Fern

12. Billy Fern

Chacoon Blue x Vechta

°2016 Gelding

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